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Custom Price List

Custom Designed Boxes Include:
Images on top, front and sides — Choice of finish and interior color — Framed photograph inside — Quality latch, hinges, and hardware — Embellishments, quote or special saying — 
Player Number on Sports Boxes

# of Photos
Dimensions (length x width x height)
10 – 12
10" x 6" x 5.255" "
10 – 12
8.25" x 5.625" x 2.5"
15 – 17
12" x 9" x 3.255" "
8.5" x 12" x 4.25" .25"
3 – 4
15" x 18"

Ancestry Memory Box — price quoted upon request.
Shadow Box available for all of our boxes. Price quoted upon request.
Vintage Hardware available on all our boxes. Price quoted upon request.

* Additional charge for extra photographs, special finishes, shipping, and sales tax where applicable. Prices and box dimensions are subject to change.

Gift Idea

Ordering Information

  1. Order Form — Please download the Order Form (50k PDF – CLICK HERE) to assist us in designing your custom items. Fill in each category as it applies to your order.

  2. Photos — On the form, please note the number of photographs needed (as listed in the Custom Price List) for each item you have selected.

    The size of the photograph does not matter. We can work with original photos, black and white, color, scanned copies, email or digital photos stored on CD. We will do our best to incorporate all photographs provided. The technique we have developed allows us to duplicate your photographs and customize each picture. As a result, all of your original photographs are returned to you unharmed.

  3. Before Placing Your Order — Please contact us for shipping instructions by emailing us at: info@justpicturethisgifts.com.

  4. Fulfillment — All orders are completed in 21 business days, unless otherwise specified.

    There will be an extra charge for additional photos, special finishes, colorization, shipping, and sales tax where applicable.

    A deposit of 50% is due when your order is placed. Checks, money orders, and PayPal accepted.

    Upon receipt of your final payment, your gift will be shipped. All original photographs/images will be returned in your shipment. A fee of $25 will be charged for all returned checks.

Click here to download the Order Form.

Client Testimonial

"I just wanted to send a quick note to say your work is truly incredible! My father and step mother received a keepsake box from their wedding and it was one of the most sentimental, meaningful gifts I believe I've ever seen. You must love your job... providing lifelong memories that people can cherish for many years to come, probably leaves you quite fulfilled. All the best to you both and I will contacting you when it's time to start making my Mom & Aunt's 50th birthday boxes next year."
— Brittany L. – Colorado

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